Thursday, July 24, 2014

roasted peaches with walnut crumble

It's officially SUMMER, and you know what that means....peaches! Today I'm sharing my go-to summer dessert - roasted peaches topped with salted caramel ice-cream and a brown sugar walnut crumble - on Oh the Lovely Things! This dessert is so easy and is perfect for summer parties or as the perfect ending to a simple summer dinner. 

This recipe is so simple and starts with roasted peaches. If you haven't started roasting your fruit, jump on the bandwagon immediately! It's so simple and brings out all the flavors of your favorite fruit. Once the peaches are roasted to perfection they get topped with the most delicious crumble made with walnuts, butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar. I'm convinced that brown sugar, cinnamon, and peaches should never be parted. After you try this recipe, you'll be convinced of that too!

After the peaches are roasted and topped with the walnut crumble the whole dessert gets finished with salted caramel gelato. You could totally skip the gelato, but please don't! The salty caramel rounds out the flavors perfectly!

I was so excited to be contacted by Clemence since her blog is full of beautiful things and lots of inspiration. Head on over to Oh the Lovely Things to see the recipe!

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