Monday, October 14, 2013


First I'd like to say, God is so good! The images following are from my trip to Holden Beach, North Carolina. Vacation came at just the right time, and it was truly a break I really needed. No work or ministry...just me and Jesus and the beach. It was so good! And very needed.

We stayed in the house that we rented when I was growing up. I remember vacations there with my family - three sisters, my parents, my aunt and uncle, and my dad's parents. I didn't realize how many memories I had in that place until we pulled up. Good things happened in that house, and it was good to relive some of those moments with my cousin's kids. 

Food. So much food. Some of it is documented below - seafood, butter, sugar, chocolate, and something I'd never had before: sweet potato biscuits. My goodness those are so good! I'm working on my own version to share with you here. Be on the lookout for those soon.

We went to Southport, NC for two days and I fell in LOVE with that little town. If you ever have the opportunity to go there, GO! After you spend a day being charmed by the little shops and cute southern homes, go eat at the Frying Pan...please! The building is built at the waters edge on stilts, and they have all the windows open so it's almost like dining al fresco. Our table over looked the ocean while a soft, cool breeze blew throughout the restaurant.  It was perfect. Be sure to try the sweet potato biscuits while you're there. So YUMMY!

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