Monday, December 16, 2013

DIY food gifts

This week I'm sharing some diy gift ideas that are nice and budget friendly. My plans are to make at least a few of these things to give to family and friends so, if you fall into one of those categories, be warned!

Today we've got food gifts! I love food gifts because they're both indulgent and practical…especially when they involve things like chocolate, caramel, and BACON! Bacon for Christmas! 

1. Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix and Vanilla Marshmallows. This would be a perfect gift for co-workers! Get a few cute air-tight containers, fill them full of mix and little homemade (or store-bought) marshmallows, and tie it up with a pretty bow. It might be a good idea to include a mug with a few for those special people that save your sanity every day.

2. Bacon. Peanut. Caramel. Corn. When I saw this recipe my head almost exploded! I've grown to really like homemade popcorn. It's so easy and you can make it healthy or smothered in caramel and bacon. I think it's safe to say I prefer the caramel version! 

3. Homemade Chai Syrup. This syrup is supposed to be used to make chai lattes (duh!), but I   think it would be good on pancakes, in coffee all by itself, drizzled on oatmeal, or to make cupcakes or frosting extra yummy! Gift this to your foodie friend. 

Stay tuned for more ideas coming at you this week! 

Merry Christmas!

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