Friday, December 20, 2013

diy home & decor gifts

For my last installment of diy gifts I give you - home and decor! Woo hoo! These gifts are easily customizable and give you the ability to give something personal and thoughtful. Let's get started!


1 - Tutorials for "sharpie mugs" are all over the internets right now and I think they're fab! Buy yourself a cheap mug, write some pretty words or draw a cute design (like polka dots in the photo above) and place the mug in a cold oven. Bake the mugs at 350 degrees, turn the oven off, and remove the mugs after they've cooled. The heat makes the ink stick and you're left with an adorable mug!

2 - DIY stamped tea towels - these are also too easy and super customizable. Choose your paint colors and a pretty stamp or two and go to town on a few simple tea towels. Easy and pretty!

3 - Marshmallow wreaths - I pinned this tutorial several months ago and I'm still not over how cute it is! It's just a foam wreath and marshmallows attached with toothpicks! 

4 - DIY Christmas Door Mat - the link above is for the basic tutorial, but you could very easily write a cute holiday message, or print your family's name in a pretty font and transfer it to your rug. Again, customize your paint colors and you have a cute holiday gift!

5 - Monogram Wreath - the link above is an etsy store where you could buy this wreath, but it's a simple diy! Check out your local craft store for foam or wooden letters and wrap them with burlap or jute. You can very easily make a few felt flowers in whatever color you like, or buy a pre made arrangement (also found in a craft store) and attach it to your wreath with a little hot glue. Finish it off with a piece of thick ribbon in a coordinating color attached with hot glue and you're done!

6 - DIY quotes on canvas - this is one of my favorite tutorials I've found. Vinyl letters are attached to a cheap painting found at a thrift store, a piece of sheet music, or a canvas covered with magazine clippings in bright colors. Paint over the entire canvas, painting, or piece of sheet music (including the letters) and allow it to dry. Once it's completely dry, peel the letters off and cover the whole thing with mod podge! So cute!

7 - DIY mason jar crafts - these are also super easy! Cut out a cute design and attach it to a clean mason jar. Paint the whole jar in the color of your choice. Once the paint is dry, remove the design. These can be used as vases, candle holders, basically anything. You could even use these as kitchen utensil holders. Find a cute design of a fork and spoon, and paint using coordinating colors to your kitchen. Ahh! 

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