Monday, January 20, 2014

caramel apple cider.

To say that I'm addicted to the caramel apple spice drinks from Starbucks would be an understatement. Those drinks seriously taste like an apple pie in a drink! Who doesn't want something like that!? I think I've convinced everyone in my life to at least try those drinks, and while they aren't obsessed with them like I am, everyone thinks they're delicious too! 

I've been trying to recreate their delicious spicy, creamy, perfection at home for years…that's right people, YEARS! I've tried every kind of caramel sauce I could find (or make myself), and while it tasted ok, it wasn't nearly as good as the drink from Starbucks.

While doing some shopping at Target I saw a caramel coffee syrup and I had a brilliant idea! I knew those syrups would mix easily into a hot cup of cider without getting lumpy or settling into the bottom of my cup; that syrup did not disappoint! These not only taste almost identical to the Starbucks drink, but I can make more for less money….uh, HELLO YES! I recommend using a cider that is more tart with not a lot of extra spices.

Caramel Apple Cider

50.7 fl oz apple cider (I used this kind that I bought from Target)
6 fl oz caramel coffee syrup (I used this kind…also from Target)
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

Combine all three ingredients in a medium saucepan and heat on medium until warmed through. Do not boil.

Serve immediately! 

Coming later this week. Caramel Apple Pie Floats! I can't wait to share!


  1. Caramel apple cider? My gosh Meredith I HAVE to try this! I'm a huge caramel fan and usually take a spoonful of apple cider in the morning anyway. I would love to be a fly in your kitchen ;-)

    ~ Elise

    The Confetti Room

    1. Hi Elise! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you find some time to make this cider because it is DELICIOUS!

  2. I love apples. And your caramel looks really delicious. And the picture is so nice. You must know how to take the best photo =))) Thanks for sharing with us. Hope to see more next time.

    1. Hi Jio! Thanks for stopping by, and for your kind words, too!