Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Harts - Month One

Well, we made it one whole month, and what a month it was. I can say with confidence that this month was not at all what either of us anticipated our first weeks of marriage would look like, but through God's Grace, we are sticking together. I know we are both looking forward to what Month #2 will bring as we get used to all these changes and adjustments.

Some notable things about this month:
  1. Getting sideswiped by Enterprise - Yep. On my very first day back to work after our wedding and honeymoon, I left for the day and discovered someone had hit my car in the parking lot at some point during the day. I got in to put my purse in the passenger's seat and found a note attached to my windshield that said, "Call Enterprise". I thought it was someone being a smart alec and I almost didn't call. I'm glad I did even though my car still isn't repaired. 
  2. Hot water heater breaking - I got home one day after work to discover a puddle of water in our laundry room. It ended up being overflow from our hot water heater going out so I hung out at home the next day as the repair person replaced the whole unit. 
  3. Father's Day - I think this day came at a good time for both Kyle and me. We'd spent several weeks getting up early, working a full day, then coming home to unpack and organize my stuff into his place. We were both experiencing burnout, and Father's Day gave us an excuse to get out of the tiring cycle we were in. Kyle and my dad decided to go to Cranberry fishing, and Elyse and I went to the pool and relaxed all day. It was a moment of much-needed rest in a very busy season of life. We were both thankful. 
  4. Shooting my first wedding after my own wedding - I knew shooting a wedding so soon after my own would make me 100% more sappy. It definitely did. I cried during the bride's first moments with her dad. I cried during the first dance. I cried during their portrait time. It was a beautiful day. I'm so happy to be gaining more clients (especially weddings). I think the experience of being a bride myself and knowing what I wanted/expected from our photographer gave me so much more confidence. I was so calm and excited to document Chelsea & Alex's Day. 
  5. I think I killed my houseplant, Randall. - Randall, who is a Fiddle Leaf Fig, and I have been together for a few years. He was the only other living thing in my single-lady apartment other than me. He had a cozy place in front of the one-and-only window in my place and thrived. I put him outside over Father's Day Weekend and he got scorched. I'm hoping I can save him. I keep joking that Randall is the only person handling all these changes worse than me. haha 
  6. VBS - We decided to volunteer as Crew Leaders at our church, and we are so excited. VBS starts tonight and I'm looking forward to doing ministry together. 


A home of our own. We are renting a townhouse until we decide what we want life to look like. It doesn't feel like home, and my heart is aching to be settled, in our own space. 

Friendships. I have found myself in a season where a group of girls who have been where I am would be very convenient to have. Sometimes change feels lonely. 

My photography business to build. I've fallen in love with wedding days. 

The Lord's guidance as I try to navigate being a wife.


The Office (duh)
The Next Food Network Star (it's so bad and so annoying...I don't know why I keep watching it)
The Bachelorette (PSA - Kyle is not watching this.) 


This is my first fiction work of the year that I've read. I'm not sure if I like it yet or not. 

I've been reading this S L O W L Y. I bought it to try to gain some skills for dealing with weird circumstances at work, and it's so helpful! 


Little moments of peace. 
Plants. Specifically, the giant potted lavender I bought yesterday. 
The pool day I had with my sister. 


I've been so busy trying to get our space somewhat organized that I've neglected food this month. There's been a lot of boring food. A lot of quick meals. A lot of popcorn for dinner. 

The only consistent thing I've been making this month is the blueberry crisp (recipe coming later this week). It's dairy-free and refined sugar-free. It sounds like it's no fun, but it's actually DELICIOUS and works with every fruit (both fresh and frozen) that I've made it with. 


A LOT of worship playlists on Spotify - "Best of Live Worship", "Worship for Fierce Faith", "Worship Wednesdays", and "Worship at Work"

The That Sounds Fun Podcast with Annie F. Downs. I feel like Annie is a real-life BFF. She's funny, deep, and has the best guests on her podcast. I send her episodes to the top of my queue as soon as they're released. 

The Popcast. Another podcast. 

Dan + Shay's new album 


Sabbath. My soul needs rest, and I'm trying to be more mindful of what things I say yes to, and doing more things that bring rest and fulfillment to my soul. 

Reading my Bible. Things got busy and I got lazy. Get it together, Mere. 


My own Home. 
A garden. 
This macro lens for the ultimate ring shots. I've rented this twice and love it SO MUCH. 


Phipps Conservatory 
The local Farmer's Market
Trader Joe's/Fresh Market (just take me to a grocery store and let me walk around)
Deep Creek for a weekend


Finish our back "deck". It's really more of a concrete slab, but my heart wants to at least make one room beautiful in our home. This one makes the most sense since where we are is temporary. 

More pool days. Weekends and evenings have been busy around here, and I'd like to keep my honeymoon tan.

Finish my business website. 

Figure out a better food routine for the two of us. Actually, just get a little more comfortable with our life routine in general. 

See a movie. 

Read more books. 

Dates that include chocolate covered strawberries. 

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